Financial Transparency

    District Information Summary:
    Arriba-Flagler Consolidated School District #20 consists primarily of students from the towns of Flagler and Arriba located Kit Carson and Lincoln counties. Flagler Public School is located approximately 120 miles east of Denver along the I-70 Corridor. The district provides services for approxiametly 170 students, PreSchool through 12th grade, and employs around 40 teachers, education support professionals and administrators.

    District Adopted Budget - Including Uniform Budget Summary (current and prior two years)

    District Financial Audit (current and prior two years)

    Salary Schedules or Policies (current and prior two years)

    Financial Data File (current and prior year) (districts identified as small/fural with less than 1,000 K-12 students, and having no charter schools, are required to post district level financial information only)

    List of Waivers Received by the School District 

    Other District-Specific Financial Information

    Link to Financial Transparency for Colorado Schools website: 

    Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and justifiable when placed in the proper context. We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or records.

    Contact Information:

    Arriba-Flagler CSD #20
    421 Julian Ave / PO Box 218
    Flagler, CO 80815
    Phone: 719-765-4684
    Fax: 719-765-4418

    Valorie McCleary, Superintendent / 7th - 12th Principal
    719-765-4684 x.115

    Brenda Brown, District Business Manager
    719-765-4684 x.114


    Colorado Department of Education Office of School Finance: